Empyrean, also known as the Giver of Life and the Ocean Sky, refers to an immense expanse of water that floats above the city of Calescai. The exact nature of this monolithic presence remains unknown, as does its history. However, seven towers that rise far above Calescai and touch its surface seem to be tied to its existence:

"Thus, the Lazarians did construct seven great towers, through which the ocean was lifted and became the sky. Where she once was bound by Sola, the ocean was now elevated, and the Lazarians called her Empyrean, which means of the heavens."
The Apogeal Edict

Empyrean is Calescai's only source of water, and it is regulated strictly by the Speakers. More than that, the Speakers claim that Empyrean is a divine entity of sorts, possessing unfathomable wisdom as well as its life-giving nourishment. It is the Speakers' duty to interpret Empyrean's will and ensure that the people of Calescai act in accordance with its laws.

Just as Empyrean is viewed as the source of all life, it is also believed to be the final destination of souls who follow its guidance. Devout individuals will, upon their death, return to the giver of life and be reborn. Those who are sinful or turn away from Empyrean's will, however, will be cast out and forced to wander Solitude (the barren wasteland beyond Calescai's borders) for eternity. These cursed souls are referred to as Husks.