Prologue: 873 LP

Brass rained from overhead
As Empyrean bled
Grab your sister and make haste
I’ll never forget that face
We were ready for this siege
A message you shall receive
...If it’s not too late

Distant screams echoed the streets
For I’ll cast this weapon and prove my worth — and your love for me
Let Afiria be on our side, for the twin stars will keep us alive
One shot is all I will need

I’ll arise from this sleep
just to bring her back to me

I won’t let you die


Quiet now
This will be over soon
Whisper without breath
Don't make a sound

His life, trickled through the cracks
first his stomach, then his throat
But look closer, sergeant, at the scene: 
his cannon is missing

And of the girl? She’s nowhere to be found
Look close, the bloody prints upon the ground
A struggle and a cannon in the night
Make haste and let The Director know his fate

Stay quiet now
Your time will come
Don't let your whispers be heard
My eyes convey the words: I will protect you
and keep you close while I sing you a song

Like a warm bath, slip away
You will join your sister soon:
Empyrean awaits
My dear, don’t make a sound

Quiet now
This will be over soon
My dearest Jessa
I'll sing you a song


Baby, if you're kind to me             
these lips will take you in. Don't hesitate…
Together we can bathe
in Empyrean sin

But to find my desires
you must do much more — pour me a scotch
and light my cigarette
and call me your whore

I’ll wet your lips
if you whet my appetite — hold me tight
and if it fits, darling
I will stay through the night

Take me downstairs
(I’ll find all the answers)
Wrists bound to the chair
One last earthly tether

Blood on my dress
The Director is gone
Now, Zed will confess

to you, Jessa — just one final song