Harper's Farce



Change has come.


The Eighth Tower is a sci-fi fiction podcast written and produced by Alaskan band Harper’s Farce.

The story accompanies their forthcoming album, Volume I, which explores several characters’ lives in Calescai — a strange city where twin suns glimmer through an oceanic expanse above. Divided both by architecture and a strict caste system, Calescai has operated on strict social rules for the past 1000 years. But where once a culture of passivity ruled, there now stirs the winds of change. Follow several of the city's citizens as they struggle to find their way in a world of political and religious control… and rebellion.



The Anointed

Rina is an Anointed — a child blessed by the ocean sky to rule the city and carry out Empyrean’s edicts.

She is training under her teacher, Kishu, to one day become the ruler of the Tower of Wisdom. It may happen much sooner than she thinks.


The Makers

Etta is a Maker — the middle class of Calescai assigned their professions by taking the Maker’s Mark.

She’s unusual in that she denied her Mark and instead chose to be a singer. But freedom can come at a steep price.

The Drudge

Bahir is a Drudge — the workers who toil in the mines deep beneath the city. Their hard work is rewarded only by carefully rationed water given to them by the Anointed.

Not all Drudge are miners, though. Bahir survived by being a runner in the Dusk — the region of the city just below the Maker’s ring. It’s also home to a fast-growing rebellion…