Inspiration: Disasterpeace's "Vignette: Panacea"

Though we started writing Volume I before the game was even released, Richard Vreeland's (aka Disasterpeace) work from Hyper Light Drifter resonates with me because it has one foot in the classical past and another in the messy, electronic future.

It begins with a soft, emotive piano that's clearly inspired by Debussy's Clair de Lune. It's airy and lo-fi at first, only hinting at the crunchy synth swells that come in to accompany the piano until it finally ends in a noisy static. When writing the 8th track, Solitude, we came to a lot of the same conclusions, or at least drew from similar muses. Chopin's nocturnes have always been really affecting to me. They are classically structured, but in a really deeply felt way. They may be light, deft, and graceful, but never sterile or pre-packaged — and always tinged with bittersweet. This is exactly the emotion wrapped up in our song, and why we drew so heavily from Chopin's style.

But the electronic component is important, as well. The world that Calescai occupies is foreign and often dangerous. Solitude itself is a place only as mysterious as it is feared. The classical component of the song carries the emotion and human aspect of it; the synth grounds that experience in a sci-fi environment that is unfamiliar and uncaring.