Inspiration: Transistor (2014)

Darren Korb composed the music for 2011's Bastion, and I immediately fell in love. When my friend, Seth Boyer, did a (very good) cover of one of its tracks, I knew that it was something special.

Transistor is no different.

Korb uses really strange instrumentation to great effect, combining old-world instruments such as harp with grinding guitars and sequenced, clunking beats. The vocals soar over the strange menagerie of instruments, sultry and bluesy, creating some strange pastiche between blues and electronica.

The music is clearly good (which is why we joyfully added We All Become to our repertoire of cover songs) but Transistor has more to offer than just that. The art style is lush and drop-dead gorgeous, a weird amalgamation of cyberpunk and art nouveau that looks like a Klimt painted in rarefied neon. 

Seriously. I could stare at it all day.

Transistor is inspirational in more ways than just aesthetically. Its title character, Red, has several similarities with one of our main characters: Etta. But that's a discussion for a later time...