Tiny Desk Concert Contest 2017

After several days of hard work, it's done. We finished our entry for the Tiny Desk Concert Contest!

This is our first recording of "Coda", a 9-minute epic from our forthcoming album, and we're really excited to share it with everyone.

The song follows one of our three protagonists, Rina, as she is imprisoned for her choices to pursue potentially heretical knowledge. She laments her choices in the first half of the song, questioning her faith, only to encounter the strange and cryptic humanoid, "Coda". He charges her with the task to seek truth outside the city of Calescai before breaking her out of prison.


Where did it all go wrong?
The moment I heard his song

I was consumed with the thought
that maybe, just maybe, he sought not destruction, but freedom.

But it was I who condemned him. 
Who really had sinned
against Empyrean’s will?
In silence, the bars fill the air with their answer. 

I pray that from down here
The water can’t hear what I now confess:
I no longer have faith, or believe.

Afiria, Mystery,
If you can hear, answer me...
Have I been deceived?

History remembers and forgets
The stars continue their duet
Your kind can testament only to what you have seen
Yes, Rina. By yourselves, you have been deceived.

Kishu did not die in vain
Seek Solitude, find
Afiria’s true name
To go forward you must descend
Bring the key, child, begin the end

But the time for questions has ended
Run now, or be apprehended
Calescai will soon be attacked
And whatever you do,
Don’t look back.