Our Podcast, The Eighth Tower, Is Launched!

For over a year now, Ricky and Jordan have been toiling away at an idea for a Harper's Farce podcast. It has been quite a process, but through the help of some amazingly talented people (Jordan Barnett for music and our good friend John Sanders with his brilliant voice acting skills), countless hours of work, and unnumbered google searches, we have finally come to the end of this road. Well, or the start, really.

So it is with great excitement that we announce the first episode of our podcast, The Eighth Tower. This podcast is going to work like a companion tool to our album to help fully flesh out the city, characters, culture, and conflict within Calescai. There will be three five-episode arcs, each featuring someone very close to the three main characters of our upcoming album. 

We would like to introduce you to our first voice: Jeremy Ballard. He is husband to Etta Ballard, whose voice can be heard in the lyrics the two songs, Lips and Empyrean Awaits, from our E.P. (A Step to Calescai, available to stream for free at harpersfarce.com/music). He is a middle-class banker whose family is undergoing trials both fiscally and with their health. The first arc in this podcast explores the length someone will go to to try and save their family. 

The Eighth Tower can be found at harpersfarce.com/theeighthtower or on iTunes or your favorite podcast streaming platform. Expect to find new episodes every other Tuesday.

All of this wouldn't be possible without the support from fans like you who come at us with questions about the lore, engage in the story, and show up to our shows. So a big thank you is needed for everyone on this list for supporting us. 

Stay tuned as we release more episodes of this podcast, and remember if you listened to it and liked it, please rate it on iTunes, share it, or do anything to help us get the word out! We are presently making art on no budget, so any exposure is helpful.